Introducing the service to save articles
which respects your privacy

wallabag is an open source application to save your web articles and allows you to read them later, on your smartphone, your tablet or your ereader. We propose to you a quality service to host your account: you'll get the latest version of the application and you'll get a professional support.


Thanks to the 3 months subscription, you can leave us sooner and get your freedom again.
Thanks to the annual subscription, you earn 3 months of subscription and you can be serene: you need only think about saving web articles.

Try it for free: you'll get a 14-day free trial with no limitation (no credit card information required).

Self hosted

0€ for life
  • 🛠 Install wallabag by yourself
  • Save your web articles
  • Read them offline
  • Keep your data
  • Protect your privacy
  • Migrate from other services
  • Retrieve your articles quickly
  • Customize your account


3€ / 3 months
or 9€ / year
  • ⭐️ We install wallabag for you
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Daily backups
  • Encrypted over TLS/SSL
  • Double-factor authentication
  • Free smartphone applications
  • Free browser addons
  • And so many other features!


By quotation
  • 📞 Priority support
  • The same features as Individuals plan
  • Your own dedicated web resources
  • Your own TLS/SSL certificate
  • Share articles between your groups
  • LDAP authentication
  • Sharing feature
  • Specific developments (by quotation)


Because wallabag is open source, and because your privacy is important, we don't resell your data.
And it's so easy to check in our sourcecode!


If you're a developer and you want to connect your application to wallabag, we offer you an API. Here is the documentation.

Hosted in EU

Because your data belongs to you, we don't want to store them on US servers. That's why we only chose European partners, like Web4all (french web hoster), MailJet (french emailing service) or PayPlug (french payment solution).


You can leave our service at any time and with your data and reimport them into your own wallabag instance.
But you are also free to stay here ;-) !

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